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Garfagnana and Apuan Alps

The incomparable landscape of the green valleys and striking mountains of Garfagnana as well
as the magnificent beauty of the dramatic territory of the Apuan Alps.
Ancient medieval villages, Romanesque churches (pievi) provide the perfect backdrop to this itinerary.

la Garfagnana e le Alpi Apuane

Grotta del Vento
Grotta del Vento at Fornovolasco :

The Wind Cave at Fornovolasco lies within the National Park of the Apuan Alps . It presents a multitude of morphological phenomenons which are worth a visit . Expert speleologists guide you through the wonders of this amazing subterranean world where you can admire huge stalactites and stalagmites , calcite crystals , curtains of big bright flowstones decorated with supple alabaster layers , and the grim grandeur of a primitive environment where an underground river continues to sculpture the network of passages .
Adapt for adults and children alike .

The Natural Reserve of Orrido di Botri :

This small protected area encloses the famous canyon of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines . The entrance is situated along the Fegana Valley , in the middle of a wonderful Apennine landscape dominated by two important mountain peaks , Mt. Rondinaio and Mt. Tre Potenze . From this point the landscape is awesome! The canyon can be visited by foot throughout the summer but only accompanied by authorized guides . With its rapids and waterfalls the torrent proceeds amongst towering rock faces which section a high pile of limestone layers covered with red jasper . With a bit of luck you can admire the golden eagle (which nests around the canyon) , as well as goshawks , buzzards , falcons , kestrels and mammals galore . To get a birds-eye view of the canyon follow the footpath no.14 which links the Casentini Refuge to the Fontana a Troghi Refuge .

Orrido di Botri

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